Tsietsi Mokhele

Commander Tsietsi Mokhele

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome all of you to the SAMIC 2012 official website. As you would all remember the Conference took place in July this year at the CTICC in Cape Town

The conference has proved to be  a step change in our journey to augment the collaborative effort of government and industry, the academic, research, non-governmental, community based participants and SAMSA inspired by a common purpose, partnership and will to build a vibrant maritime industry. 

Our nation prides itself on being a maritime nation with as much as 98% of all our trade being seaborne, a large and richly endowed national ocean real estate and a 3000 km long coast line which provide us with a solid foundation and a catalyst for tremendous economic growth. This key national supply chain resource presents us with a strategic opportunity and places an immense responsibility on all of us to build this sector and effectively harness the responsible flow of benefits to all the people of our country. SAMIC 2012 will embrace this profound responsibility by bringing together decision makers, captains of industry, policy makers, state-owned enterprises, academia and non-government organisations amongst others, all with a common objective of holistically owning and growing our maritime economy. 

SAMIC 2012 provided us the first real opportunity to elevate the maritime agenda of our country into a national discourse and put forward a clear maritime roadmap for our nation. We have sought to group the major industries that make up the maritime sector to allow for focused, inclusive and rigorous engagement across all subsets of the maritime sector. Prior to SAMIC 2012, SAMSA embarked on a series of targeted Maritime Round Table (MRT) discussions involving key role-players in all the sub industries to ensure that the conference takes into consideration all the work that has already been carried out through the existing maritime associations:

  • Shipping Ports and Logistics
  • Fishing and Aquaculture
  • Oil and Gas
  • Marine Tourism and Leisure
  • Marine Manufacturing and Repair

The Maritime Round Table discussions started in Cape Town when we hosted the Fishing and Aquacultural industry. We then moved to Durban with the Shipping, Ports and Logistics industry. Thereafter we hosted both the Marine Tourism and Leisure industry and the Black Business and Investors sessions in Pretoria, returning to Cape Town with the Oil & Gas and the Marine Manufacturing industries. We understood the proverbial utopia for each of the industries; what the priorities are and encourage out-of-the-box thinking to look objectively at each subsector and deliberate on the appropriate solutions. The journey to building a vibrant maritime industry, friends and colleagues, has begun.

Please join us as we continue this important conversation.

Re a leboha

Commander Tsietsi Mokhele