Anita Mendiratta



Canadian by birth, having held strategic leadership positions in fortune 5 companies including IBM, Unilever and the Coca Cola Company, Anita Mendiratta now leads CACHET consulting, a successful international strategic consulting firm focussed on TOURISM and ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.

Trusted and respected at local, national and international levels, CACHET CONSULTING prides itself in providing its global government and private sector clients with solid solutions for nation building. As stated by Dr Taleb Rifai, Secretary-General of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), "Anita Mendiratta ability to convey the importance of tourism in terms of its economic value comes second to only her capacity to reveal the very human side of tourism." Anita's expertise and genuine love for Tourism as a force for positive change to the identity, economy, social fabric, competitiveness and spirits of nations has recently captured in her book "COME CLOSER: How Tourism is Shaping the Future of Nations" released globally in March 2011, and nominated for the Financial Times 2011 Business Book of the Year Award. Praise for the book comes from across the globe and industry. As expressed by Richard Quest of CNN International "Come Closer is an excellent synopsis of the different roles everybody plays in travel and tourism and how each side can get the most out of it. The book is the fascinating account of how one of the world's most important industries can be a win-win for governments, countries and people. When Anita speaks about tourism, CEOs and Ministers listen. Her book should have them reading as well."

In tandem, Anita is honoured to act as a:

  • STRATEGIC ADVISOR TO CNN INTERNATIONAL in Tourism and Economic Development as lead consultant on CNN's T.A.S.K. GROUP.
  • RESOURCE TO THE WORLD BANK and UNWTO in Tourism and Economic Development.

Supporting the above, Anita is proud to share her knowledge internationally through speaking at conferences and summits, publishing and participating on major government Panels