HOD: Public Law

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, 

Prof Patrick Vrancken holds LLM and LLD degrees from the University of Cape Town. He is the Head of the Department of Public Law at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Nelson Mandela Bay. He has more than 20 years teaching experience and has published extensively in South African and international law journals. 

He is also the author of several chapters in books and was the editor of Tourism and the Law in South Africa (2002), a co-editor of Introduction to Human Rights Law (2009) and the author of South Africa and the Law of the Sea (2011).

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

South African Maritime Safety Authority


Since taking over as Chief Executive Officer at SAMSA, he has led the process of the transformation and repositioning of South Africa's maritime industry into a key economic and strategic sector in line with government's own aspirations and programmes. SAMSA under his leadership is currently driving policy and strategic initiatives to make South Africa a leading maritime nation and an International Maritime Center, with a focus on building a national merchant fleet, coastal shipping service, port based industrial and multi-modal transport capacity and using shipping platforms to create jobs and integrate South Africa and the African regional and continental transport network for increased trade. 

Specific policy initiatives currently being driven by SAMSA in partnership with other government departments, agencies and industry are:

  • The development of the Maritime Transport 
    Policy (completed)
  • The development of a shipping tax policy - Tonnage Tax 
    (near complete)
  • The development of a National Marine Merchant Fleet
  • The development of a policy and system of Coastal Shipping
  • The development and implementation of National Maritime Skills Plan and Jobs
  • The improvement of South Africa's strategic maritime 
    security capacity
  • The development of the National Maritime 
    (Economic) Cluster

He served in the South African Navy after obtaining his Ship Command Qualifications in the then Soviet Union. He led the Naval Integration Process as a Co-Chairperson within the South African Transitional Executive Council (TEC) structures, the body charged within managing the country's transition to democracy in 1994, on secondment from of the African National Congress.

Prior to his appointment as the CEO of SAMSA he served as the Executive Manager at the National Ports Authority (NPA) and head of NPA Marine Business of the South African Ports. He led the successful turnaround strategy to transform and modernize the NPA Marine Business into an effective and competitive service. Under his direct leadership, black people and women were introduced, trained and employed in technical and managerial roles in the ports' marine businesses and various national maritime career awareness programmes launched. 

Mr Mokhele is a well exposed Mariner who holds a BSC degree in Ship Navigation and Command from the Caspian Higher Naval College, Soviet Union, Board Leadership qualification from GIBS, Port and Terminal Management Certificate from Holland and completing a course work towards the Master of Management degree in Public Policy with the school of Public and Development Management at Wits University.

Besides the academic and professional qualifications obtained at various domestic and international institutions, Mr Mokhele had participated at international forums such as the International Association of Ports and Harbours, International Maritime Organisation, and Tug and Salvage Conference. Under his leadership, South Africa won the bid and hosted the conference of the International Harbour-Masters Association for the first time in Africa.


SAMSA's Executive Head: Policy, Regulatory Affairs and SA Ship Registrar He was admitted as an Attorney of the Supreme Court of South Africa, Natal Provincial Division in 1983. In 1996 he joined Transnet Limited's ports Operating Division, then known as Portnet, as a Legal Advisor. Before moving to the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA), he was a Senior Manager at Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA). At TNPA he, among other activities, led a Working Group charged with the drafting of the National Ports Authority Act Port Rules (Port Rules) which he, together with Professor Hilton Staniland (formerly a Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University of KwaZulu-Natal and Head of the School of Maritime Studies University of Natal) and Mr Anton Roskam (Attorney), drafted, and these were approved by the Minister of Transport in 2009. He holds a Master's Degree in Shipping Law which he obtained from the University of Cape Town. He is currently SAMSA's Executive Head: Policy, Regulatory Affairs and SA Ship Registrar


Canadian by birth, having held strategic leadership positions in fortune 5 companies including IBM, Unilever and the Coca Cola Company, Anita Mendiratta now leads CACHET consulting, a successful international strategic consulting firm focussed on TOURISM and ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.

Trusted and respected at local, national and international levels, CACHET CONSULTING prides itself in providing its global government and private sector clients with solid solutions for nation building. As stated by Dr Taleb Rifai, Secretary-General of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), "Anita Mendiratta ability to convey the importance of tourism in terms of its economic value comes second to only her capacity to reveal the very human side of tourism." Anita's expertise and genuine love for Tourism as a force for positive change to the identity, economy, social fabric, competitiveness and spirits of nations has recently captured in her book "COME CLOSER: How Tourism is Shaping the Future of Nations" released globally in March 2011, and nominated for the Financial Times 2011 Business Book of the Year Award. Praise for the book comes from across the globe and industry. As expressed by Richard Quest of CNN International "Come Closer is an excellent synopsis of the different roles everybody plays in travel and tourism and how each side can get the most out of it. The book is the fascinating account of how one of the world's most important industries can be a win-win for governments, countries and people. When Anita speaks about tourism, CEOs and Ministers listen. Her book should have them reading as well."

In tandem, Anita is honoured to act as a:

  • STRATEGIC ADVISOR TO CNN INTERNATIONAL in Tourism and Economic Development as lead consultant on CNN's T.A.S.K. GROUP.
  • RESOURCE TO THE WORLD BANK and UNWTO in Tourism and Economic Development.

Supporting the above, Anita is proud to share her knowledge internationally through speaking at conferences and summits, publishing and participating on major government Panels

Marine Tourism and Leisure Specialist: Tournet Peter Myles cc trading as Tournet Africa Tournet Africa (Close Corporation Number: 2001/033247/23) was founded in 1995 by Peter Myles when he decided to establish his own business as a tourism specialist to develop a network of associated specialists in Southern Africa and other parts of the world to focus on major tourism development projects. From the first day he entered the tourism industry, Peter has never looked back. He has written articles for tourism journals, prepared strategic tourism plans, designed appropriate organisational structures, facilitated tourism enterprise development, conducted tourism research in South Africa, Zambia, USA, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the Caribbean, compiled visitor statistics, presented capacity building training courses, facilitated tourism workshops and prepared project proposals. In 1992 he received the Communicator of the Year Award from the Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa, the SA Tourism Award in 1990 for uplifting tourism in the Eastern Cape Province, and the Tourism Liaison Council Award in 1989 for the marketing of Port Elizabeth as a tourist destination. In 2003 he was honoured by the Premier of the Eastern Cape Province at that time, Makhenkesi Stofile, and the Eastern Cape Tourism Board, and presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for his contribution to the development of the first Eastern Cape Tourism Master Plan. Peter is the tourism specialist on the Kyle Business Projects (KBP) team and together they have prepared and reviewed the majority of tourism master plans and tourism sector plans in the Eastern Cape Province. Peter currently works as a tourism specialist with a number of associated project teams. Peter is registered with the World Tourism Organisation (WTO) and the European Commission (EC) as a tourism specialist. He is an Associate Specialist on the IUCN Tourism & Protected Areas Specialist Group (TAPAS), a Member of the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA), and a Member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). He is registered with IUCN to undertake desktop reviews of World Heritage Site (WHS) nominations. In 2009, after successfully convening the 6th International Coastal & Marine Tourism Congress in Port Elizabeth, he was appointed to the interim committee to establish an International Coastal & Marine Tourism Society. Peter fully subscribes to the UNWTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism. In January 2012, Peter Myles signed an agreement to represent the Clean Blue initiative in Africa i.e. Clean Blue Africa. This is a new industry standard for beach management and safety (ISO 13009 referred to as the "Clean Blue Industry Standard" abbreviated as CBIS). This initiative has been specifically developed to help provide beach operators with information and guidelines to effectively manage beaches in different parts of the world.

CEO – TBCSA Mmatšatši Marobe is the CEO for the Tourism Business Council of South Africa (TBCSA). Her career in the Travel and Tourism sector spans over a period of seventeen years. In 1996 she was responsible for the strategic marketing of what was then the National Parks Board (now South African National Parks). This was followed by appointments in two provincial tourism authorities -KwaZulu-Natal and Limpopo – respectively. She joined the TBCSA at the start of 2006 as Chief Operating Officer and took over the position of CEO in 2007. The TBCSA is the official umbrella body for organised business in the South African travel and tourism industry. The organisation seeks to lobby and positively influence government policies and decisions in the interest of the private sector.


Playwright/Producer/ Director/Executive) – Founder of the IZulu Dance Theatre and Music, established in 1965 in Durban, South Africa. In 1979 Msomi established the extension of the Theatre in New York City. Started writing at the age of 15 and his name has become synonymous with Zulu literature as an accomplished author.

Welcome has won international acclaim as a playwright, choreographer and director. His many works include MNTANAMI NOMHLANGANO MNTANAMI, QONDENI, CHARRIE NTIMBANE, productions performed in South Africa and Swaziland; PHEZULU, a music and dance production for the International Youth Festival in Aberdeen, Scotland; BLACK AND WHITE IS BEAUTIFUL, which toured Europe; MAKHOBA AND THEMBI, a screenplay inspired by Carl Foreman. Mr. Msomi's significant success, UMABATHA (a Zulu adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth) staged at the Aldwych in 1972 and 1973 in Sir Peter Daubeny's World Theatre Season, became an instant hit. 

UMABATHA is hailed as the only cultural classic to come from South Africa. For 30 years UMABATHA was performed in many parts of the world including the Festival of Two Worlds in Italy, Israel, Charleston, South Carolina and all the major cities in the USA. Besides writing for the stage, Mr. Msomi has written and acted in radio plays; hosted his own radio show; composed and produced songs for all his musicals under his record label in association with EMI-South Africa. Other credits include THE DAY. THE NIGHT, produced by the Music Theatre Group; HALALA, produced by Eric Krebs at the Douglas Fairbanks Theatre; WOMEN OF COURAGE, produced by Audelco NY. 

Other presentations he has created and produced are: SINA; JOURNEY BACK HOME; FROM SOWETO TO SELMA; BONGI'S JOURNEY. He directed BUYA AFRICA, a one-woman production featuring Thuli Dumakude. He also created music and movement for TAMBURLAINE THE GREAT, a Royal Shakespeare Company production and Msomi was subsequently nominated for Sir Lawrence Olivier Award for choreography. Welcome directed Nelson Mandela 75th Birthday Celebration. Conceived and directed SONKE FESTIVAL. SIYANQOBA FESTIVAL and the 10th May 1994 NELSON MANDELA INAUGURATION (MANY CULTURES, ONE NATION) in Pretoria. Launched the ZULU LION KING for Ster Kinekor; JOYFUL SOUNDS UNDER AFRICAN SKIES for TF1 French Television Company. Welcome was also involved with Nelson Mandela's 77th, 78th and 80th birthday celebrations. In 1995 Msomi auditioned 4000 actors for the revival of UMABATHA; resulting in the formation of a sixty-member company. 1997 UMABATHA went on tour; New York; San Francisco; Los Angeles; Berkley; California; Irvine, CA; Scottsdale, Arizona; Columbus, Ohio; Mississauga; Canada; Binghamton, NY; Glassboro, NJ; Newark, NJ; Boston, Massachusetts and the Globe Theatre, London. In 2000 UMABATHA was performed at the Globe Theatre for Celebrate South Africa. In 1994 Welcome formed a joint venture event marketing company, named Msomi Hunt Lascaris. In 1996 Msomi co-founded and became first CEO of Sasani Limited, a global entertainment and production company with sound studios, film processing labs and camera rental companies in Johannesburg and Cape Town. 

Welcome is chairman of EZINKULU PRODUCTIONS, Welcome Msomi Communications, Blue Moon Communications, MsomiPuisano and director of Network BBDO, Meropa Communications and JNPR. Welcome formed a partnership with Michael Hankinson to create A MANDELA PORTRAIT; original score by Hankinson and text by Msomi. A Mandela Portrait is now touring major American cities. Welcome Msomi is founder and chairman of Ziphathe Empowerment Network, a platform to empower entrepreneurs in the townships and rural communities. In 2008 Welcome was the recipient of the Lifetime Naledi Theatre Awards and in 2010 was the winner of the Johnnie Walker Celebrating Strides Award in the Arts Category.

Corporate Operating Officer MSC Cruises Neil Palomba is COO of MSC Cruises. He works side-by-side with MSC's worldwide CEO, Pierfrancesco Vago, in shaping the company's strategy and future expansion while overseeing a variety of corporate functions. He was recently appointed Chairman of the ECC Ports and Infrastructure Sub-Committee. Prior to joining the corporate offices in Geneva, Switzerland, Palomba worked in the U.S. for the company's North American division based in Fort Lauderdale as the chief-operating-officer. There he was responsible for managing day-to-day operations working closely with the sales and marketing teams to grow the business in the U.S. and Canada. Palomba began his career at an early age with MSC working in a variety of positions both shipboard and landside in Italy.

Managing Director: Stevens and Associates Dr Terry Stevens is the Managing Director of the multi-award winning, international leisure and tourism consultancy, Stevens & Associates. Terry has worked in over 40 countries around the world. He has consulted on strategic tourism and leisure projects for international development agencies, national tourist boards and major private sector clients. Terry has completed six international benchmarking studies for various governments. In 2010 he was listed as one of the world's top 5 most innovative thinkers in the stadia industry. He was also made Visiting Professor at three Universities. He has worked on aspects of destination development in Africa, most recently with the Franschhoek Tourism Association. In 2011 he chaired the ACI Cruise Industry Summit in London. He has published over 300 works and contributes features of tourism for trade and consumer magazines and is a regular commentator on tourism trends on TV and radio.

Executive Head of the Centre for Maritime Excellence SA Maritime Safety Authority


She is responsible for promoting and driving the growth of skills and human capacity in the Maritime Sector, promoting research, development and innovation and unleashing opportunities for economic development lying in our coastal areas and inland waterways. She is the former Head of the Human Resources Development Council whose role is to ensure the implementation of the Human Resources Development Strategy for South Africa and to drive the message of ensuring that South Africa competes better through people in the entire human resources development service value chain. 

Prior to that she was the Deputy Director General for Tourism at the National Department of Tourism. Amongst her responsibilities included, providing leadership in the development and implementation of policies and strategies to grow tourism in South Africa, and ensure that destination South Africa remains globally competitive. She is the former Head of the first ever Tourism Black Economic Empowerment Council, which was mandated to transform the tourism sector and ensure that Black People benefit equitably from the growing tourism industry, former Special Advisor to the Minister of Tourism and former Chief Director for Tourism and Economic Development in the Western Cape. She holds a Master of Science (MSC) Degree from the University College of Buckinghamshire, BA Honors from Unizulu and Junior Degree from Durban Westville. 

She served on the following Boards: Federated Hospitality Industry of Southern Africa (FEDHASA), Tourism Enterprise Partnership (TEP), Tourism Grading Council of South Africa (TGCSA), Tourism Empowerment Council of South Africa (TECSA), Immigration Advisory Board (IAB) and Regional Tourism Organization of Southern Africa (RETOSA). She is a founding member of the Cape and Craft Design Institute, and also a lifetime fellow of the Emerging Leaders Programme from Dukes University in the United States and University of Cape Town in South Africa. She currently serves on the National Heritage Council and Cullinan Holdings (Non-Executive Director).